Who's Your Monkey?

Filmed in Jacksonville, Fl, this narrative film features four grade-school friends facing the challenge of adulthood in their early 30s. Bobby guzzles beer and sleeps on his deceased girlfriend’s grave. Hutto’s about to be a father. Laith doesn’t quite know how to deal with his sexually-charged girlfriend. And Mark, an OB/GYN, makes crystal meth instead of practicing medicine because he can’t afford malpractice insurance.

Things comes to a head when Mark needs his best childhood friends to help him dispose of the body of a notorious drug dealer. A midnight roadtrip tests their friendship as they struggle to not get caught.

Starring: Scott Grimes, Jason London, Wayne Knight, David Deloise, Scott Michael Campbell & Kevin Durand

Distributed through Starz, On Demand, iTunes and Netflix.

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Todd Breau
Ryan Steckloff
Brenda Kolb & Warren Skeels
Michael Jacob Kerber
Shawn P. Mitchell
Beverly Hollawell
Production Company
TigerLily Media