The Official

When we were presented with the challenge to capture that perfect moment in time when college football fans realize their favorite team just scored the final touchdown for the big win, we knew we’d have to use every trick in the book to pull it off. We had so much fun producing, directing and editing this spot for Zaxby’s.

Using motion control, we had to carefully navigate actors who had to ‘hold onto the moment’ while remaining absolutely still. Once we captured the shots we needed, we combined multiple passes in post production with invisible compositing and clever speed changes in the edit to achieve this unique point of view. It was a true team effort that required a little bit of everything: quality actors, a strong crew, a well-designed set, in-camera effects and props, 2D animation, 3D animation, adept editing skills, and effective color grade and finishing.


St. John & Partners
Production Company
TigerLily Media
Warren Skeels & Andrew Fallon
Billy Gaggins