Leaving Tonight

Canary in the Coalmine is an Americana-Folk band fronted by songwriters Jessica Pounds and Sandy Wicker. Their unique spirit and sound draw from Appalachian folk and alt-country influences. Eager to shoot their first professional music video, the six-piece band asked us to concept, produce, direct and edit Leaving Tonight.

To complement the haunting quality of their sound, we tell the story of the emotional torment that ensues when one falls for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Using cinematography, costume design, an eerie setting and a skilled actor, we created a dark mood that visually conveys the lyrical feeling of the song.


Canary in the Coalmine
Andrew Fallon & Billy Gaggins
Angela Ninan
Executive Producers
Brenda Egedy Kolb & Warren Skeels
Andre Labous
Billy Gaggins
Production Company
TigerLily Media